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Sleep soundly with Sleepytroll

Before your baby is born, you anticipate the joy it will bring you every day. What you don't see coming is the level of desperation you feel at night and even during the day when the baby just won't sleep. So you're pacing the floor back and forth for hours, standing half-awake to keep the stroller moving, driving for miles, circling the neighbourhood. Everything to make your little bundle of joy sleep.

Why not let Sleepytroll help you do the job? With our built-in sound and motion sensors that starts to gently rock your toddler back to sleep when sound or motion is registered.

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Suits every stroller

Sleepytroll's flexible design allows it to connect to every type of stroller on the market. Simply attach it and watch your baby drift off to sleep. No extra brackets or accessories needed!


Buttons let you adjust movement

Sleepytroll is not designed to replace you as a parent but made to help you out when you really need a third hand. The buttons let you adjust the level of movement, making it fit your child's specific behaviour and your needs.

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For all weather conditions

Sleepytroll is a robust product developed and tested in Scandinavia in rough weather conditions. Bring it along wherever you go.


Sensors detect when baby is about to wake

The smart sound and motion sensors detects if your baby cries or moves, and automatically begins to gently rock your stroller before the little one fully wakes up. The soothing motion calms your child. It helps both you and your baby get more quality time together, when you're awake.

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FAQ: Sleepytroll blinks red and switch off; This is a safety function to make sure the product is mounted vertical and correct. Please make sure to keep the product as vertical as possible and try again.